‘Run your own race’ x

I’ve come to love running for reasons that may be contrary to the next runner’s reason. I’m constantly looking through tumblr blogs or pinterest accounts that bring motivation in my life to lace up my takkies and go run, and although I agree that running is great therapy and a sport for the crazy individuals in this world, I love it for different reasons.

I love going to a race, not knowing a single soul amongst the thousands of people at the starting line, besides my family, and not for one moment feeling like I don’t belong. I love being amongst masses of people, who all woke up with the same intention to run the same race, all for different reasons. And I love how that doesn’t make anyone less superior than another. 

I love how nobody is concerned about the car one person drives, the house they live in and other superficial details. The mere fact that everyone basically pulled Usain Bolt moves in trying to get to the starting line before the starting gun goes off, leaves absolutely no room for any concerns besides the race ahead of them. And I love that. 

There are so many reasons why I love running, but the main one has a lot to do with the fact that it’s the one place where many things that often ‘define’ people, don’t even matter. Political affiliations, race, status and other things that are a foundation to judge other people on, become irrelevant and insignificant. And even though some people are faster/ slower than others, and some came to win while others came merely to finish the race, we’re all one. And unique individuals at the same time.




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