‘Running for the thrill of it’ x

‘Renew your inspiration to run. Try a new route, find a
fresh path and re-energise your reason to run’
Today, I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed, and go
for an unplanned run around my hood, without having decided an official
distance or route. It’s quite necessary to outline the fact I was meant to run
a half-marathon as training for the Nike Soweto Marathon coming up in
approximately two weeks. Apart from the fact that I had a late night, I
honestly wasn’t in the mood to go out and do what I used to be so passionate
and innately excited about.
That’s definitely something I have realized over the past
few weeks, my passion has slightly dwindled in the face of laziness and a lack
of motivation. Along with all of that, I realized that the initial reasons, in
which I had chosen to run in the first place, were no longer of relevance to me
at the current stage of my life. Two years ago, I used to run and truly enjoy
it because I was trying to lose a few kilograms, and I accidently fell in love
with something that was supposed to be a temporary facet in my life. The
passion was strong, but much like anything in life, even falling in love I’d
imagine, requires some sort of revitalisation, emotionally and mentally in the face of adversity, petty or not.
After finding the quote that I began with in this post, I
realised that I needed to find a new path, a new reason to run, and an overall
new route in life. One of the most exciting things I have enjoyed the most
about running, and races in general, is how you get to see the world and your
surroundings in a different light compared to when you see it whilst driving in
the same area. I also love how people from different walks in life, come
together and venture to be a part of some movement, that ironically appears to
be punishment to the outside world, but is actually a reward to the runner. Some people might never get it, but runners don’t even try to explain it, because that sense of achievement or belonging feels different to everyone experiencing it. You just have to try it to truly know.
And somehow, that’s exactly what I found this morning during
my run. I saw the beautiful blue sky (that I don’t appreciate much whilst I’m
driving and trying to get to places in record timing), and I also got to see a
few running clubs doing their morning rituals of conquering a few (or many)
kilometres before treating themselves to the Sunday brunch that they deserved. I
love that about running, and the running culture in general: the people, the
places you see, and the way you feel after doing exactly what you set out to do
in the first place.
Finally, I can say that I have a renew inspiration to run
again, which is quite dandy considering the fact that I have T minus 2 weeks to
get ready for the big two-one at the Nike Soweto Marathon. All the best to everyone training too! May our passion for running (and our goals) be greater than our excuses.




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