I want to love yoga, but… x

This morning, my dear friend Isabella and I, endeavoured to
try a yoga class at the gym, as opposed to our usual spinning and weight class
combos. I should however mention, that I have ‘tried’ yoga twice before,
however due to my general difficulty in keeping my breaths synchronized,
thoughts in harmony with the calmness around me, and the fact that I am easily
distracted by anything and everything at times, I knew that I would probably never
be back again. However, I was. Early this morning, in my new black top that
says, ‘Y O G A’ on it (which was on sale at Cotton On, so I took it as a sign),
black pants and my flip-flops, I decided to give yoga another chance. After
all, I wasn’t sure why I didn’t like it to start off with, AND it seemed as
though people who participated in yoga (also referred to as ‘yogis’) were extra
Zen and calm, never stressed and always centered. And let’s be real, who
doesn’t want that?
After my third attempt at the class, with all of my might
and strength, I couldn’t and still cannot honestly say that I loved it. With
very high risks of dislocating every bone in my body, to moments where I
couldn’t figure out how everyone around me was so calm while trying to balance
on their heads, I not only realized that I was most probably doing it wrong,
but that I really, really wasn’t feeling the vibe, and that didn’t necessarily
mean that yoga is a terrible activity to participate in, or that I was weird,
it merely meant that it wasn’t for me, and that was completely fine.
Much like the guy that everyone forces you to go on a date
with because he seems perfect (and your family fears that you might be single
forever), or the wasabi paste that you force yourself to ingest in the hopes
that the death-like taste will grow on you, every once in a while, something
will come along that will not suit your preference or taste. And even though
people around you may not quite understand why you wouldn’t like it, you
shouldn’t ever doubt yourself to the point that you completely lose yourself in
an attempt to fit in, or be understood. There may be philosophical, or psychological reasons
as to why you don’t like something, but in most cases, it’s as simple as the
mere fact that you don’t like it. And in a world where detailed explanations
for every decision may be required from some, the mere fact that something doesn’t add happiness into your life is pretty much sufficient as an explanation.
Thus, yoga and I might never be a compatible match. And even
though I would have loved to enjoy my near fatal attempt at a head stand, or
even not hear bones clicking where I didn’t know I had any, I unfortunately didn’t.
With all due to respect to all of those who love yoga, I was just not made for
it. As for a my black ‘YOGA’ top, I’ll still be wearing it, just as a relic of an attempt at something relatively new that taught me a valuable lesson, which is the fact that if you don’t like something, you really don’t have to do it. 




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