#BetterForIt: Nike Run x

On Thursday evening, the 7th
of May, Nike hosted it’s first #BetterForIt evening in the city that I love,
Joburg. The night was filled with an air of mystery, excitement and a slight
chill in the air, because Joburg wants us to know that Autumn is here without a
doubt, and Nike hadn’t informed us on what the evening would entail. Having only known that the night would eventually lead to a run through
the city, my sister and I had were the least prepared for such an amazing night
ahead. I would go so far as to say that the run through the city, with a group
of amazing ladies that I had only met on the night, to a destination unknown, was by
far the best run I had ever had. But the run itself and air of excitement
weren’t the only things that made the night itself special.
I first came across the campaign
during one of my YouTube binge-sessions, and unlike my usual propensity to
‘Skip Ad’ after the inevitable 5 seconds, something about this Nike advert that
came onto my screen led me to keep my finger far away from the mouse track-pad,
and my eyes glued onto the screen. I’ve always been quite a fitness-junkie,
however I’ve also developed the tendency of rolling my eyes at the usual
‘Fitspo’ quotes that tell us ladies to choose the green-smoothie over the
McDonalds burger, or to spend my life trying to attain a 6-pack. What mostly drew me closer to
this advert, was the fact that I can completely relate to those girls on the
screen! Unlike fitness adverts or Tumblr posts which tend to sell us dreams,
the Nike advert embodied the inner thoughts of what most women think (or
myself, atleast). Nike opted out of the subscription to the inner thoughts of
people that always find running to be a ‘tranquil sport’ or the uber confident
models, and instead, Nike chose to reflect the difficulties in these sports,
the confidence boosts that tend to occur amidst all of the heavy breathing and
the fact that sometimes, the mere fact that we went for a run in the first place is an achievement enough.
Much like this advert, the event that
my sister and I attended was so motivational, not because of the many quotes
and signs of inspiration everywhere we looked, but rather because of the
different women that we were surrounded by: A source of inspiration in itself. With our different fitness levels,
different body types and different insecurities, we somehow could all identify
with one another on the one unspoken truth that we had in common: We all had come
to the event with the hopes of becoming ‘Better For It’.
It wasn’t merely the beautiful
Nike tops that we received that had me feeling exuberant and blessed (although
that pink top was, and still is B E A U T I F U L), but mostly the fact that
upon having been surrounded by each other for an hour or so, we found a sense of unity and
support for one another, something which I believe to sometimes be taken for
granted amongst us women. There’s a new culture that has developed whereby
women are encouraged to always compete with each other, spew harsh words that
can’t be taken back and just not support each other for no apparent
reason, although that is a topic in itself for another day. However, this event
wasn’t about that. Although the main goal was, and still is, to be ‘Better For
It’, I found that despite my usual propensity to want to run faster than my
previous time, I was so happy to be in the spirit of women singing ‘Who Run The
World?’ like Beyoncé wrote it for us, and admiring the surroundings of the CBD
at 9pm, which is something that only Nike could convince us to do. 
This campaign is an all round win in
my opinion, and I really love that Nike has brought upon us a way to improve
ourselves, not just in solitude, but with others surrounding us. After all, they
say that if you want to go fast, you should go alone, but if you want to go
further, you should go in a team. And when women (and men, as the inverse is
likely true) come together and support one another, you can only become ‘Better For It’.

Photo Courtesy of Nike, Inc. 

Photo Courtesy of Nike, Inc.

Photo Courtesy of Nike, Inc.
Photo Courtesy of Nike, Inc.

Photo Courtesy of Nike, Inc.

Photo Courtesy of Nike, Inc.



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