#PoeticJustice: Terrains x

xThere she was on unfamiliar grounds,
Taken aback by the frightful sounds
Terrains & different skies, she stormed the weather
With no map, no foresight; moving forward was better.
And where deserts spread further than distant seas,
She looked beyond the oasis that tried to define who she’d
Ignored the mosaics that depicted her as she once was,
Trusting the voice in her heart, and choosing to follow
distant stars.
And where oceans were unsteady and the waves wallowed deep
She refused to let fear drown her; God’s voice she vowed to
And with islands furthest away & shores beyond her view,
On uncertain waves she went, & let go of all she knew.
And where mountains inclined upwards & winds blew down
the way,
She climbed the steepest mountains & chose to seize the
And where shade & darkness followed; with little light
to see,

knew the path of adversity; would lead her to where she’d need to be

Thulisile Madi



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