#StyleDiary: Monday Blues & Winter Hues x

Monday’s are for wearing the most amazing pair of jeans that have the texture of smooth butter, sky high heels that make you feel like you’re levitating and a crispy shirt for
androgynous-fashion’s sake. 
This outfit is probably one of my favourite, and although I wouldn’t get away with wearing it at varsity for the mere fact that the uneven floors we walk one would induce me to fall over, I would wear this just about anywhere else. 
This sweet pair of jeans and crispy shirt make a delicious combination (do you see what I did there?) and are both likely to still be in store. 

All photo credits go to the super lovely Gaby Goncalves, whom you can follow on Instagram at @gabriella_goncalves. 

Outfit Details
Shirt: Forever New
Jeans: Forever New
Shoes: River Island
Handbag: Mr Price 

Hope you all have a beautiful Monday! 
Love Always, 



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