#StyleDiary: Monochrome Dreamin’ in Forever New x


I love a good pair of well-fitted pants, especially if they have a pattern as bold as this one. I’ve come to realize that in a world where women might find that their outfit options are purely dictated by the sentiments of a man, we tend to fear bold outfits, or even androgynous outfits. I love the fact that we live in a world where we can dictate the way we look, and the only explanation we need to give (if ever we really need to), is that we can wear what we like, how we like.

This entire outfit can be found at Forever New, and probably goes down in my books as one of my favourite outfits. Although fashion is often misconstrued as a materialistic practice, I find creative freedom in putting outfits together, and pushing the ‘boundaries’ a bit where I see any, hence I decided to put a denim twist to this monochrome formal outfit. I also love the contrasted background (or complimentary, depending on how you look at it), with building material and an industrial look, just as a friendly reminder that you can wear this crisp white and denim outfit just about anywhere you go.

All photo credits go to my lovely friend Gaby Goncalves, I love these pictures and love that you took them!

Outfit Details
Denim Jacket: Forever New
White Knit: Forever New
Monochrome Patterned Pants: Forever New
Shoes: River Island
Watch: Swatch

Love Always,



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