Thursday’s Thoughts x

What do you do when everything you want, clothed in everything that you think you ever needed, knocks on the doors of your heart, echoes loudly in the chambers deep within your soul, and walks straight through the corridors of mind leaving marks everywhere it goes?

Because we don’t simply close doors that only led us to hurt & heartbreak in the past, only to reopen them, time & time again, just to revisit places of comfort & familiarity. 
And we don’t just struggle to walk in the dark, fearing that nothing will be better than the dimmed light we left behind us, only to waltz back to the things that broke us down.
And lastly, we don’t pick ourselves up, dust up the things that threaten to choke us and throw away the baggage that weighs heaviest on us, merely to pick them up again in the hot pursuit of re-living the familiar again. 
Sometimes, we have to grow. And sometimes, that involves closing a door, locking it with a key, and tossing it in the ocean, where the waves will be stronger than you are, and where you know that the number of sea shells on the shore represent the other blessings God would rather give you. 




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