Pretty Pastels & Industrial Illusions x


Every so often, an unplanned photo-taking adventure renders to be one that reminds you how much you actually love being behind the camera. Being a blogger, I enjoy every aspect of my personally styled shoots (except for getting changed and unchanged in my car – confession). However, I also love the idea of only bearing the pressure of getting the angles of the images right as opposed to the other creative aspects, much like this shoot where my dear friend Gaby styled her own outfit and I instead was the photographer.



Pastels being contrasted to an industrial location screams all kinds of irony to me, which is what I love about this shoot. Pastels are associated with all things sweet and Spring, and although I love all things sweet and Spring-y, I also love having these contradicting notions of portraying fashion or style, swimming against the tide that is what we see in fashion magazines a lot at times, and doing what some would say is not the norm in the industry.




Disclaimer: This outfit & location contrast was not planned. I can only attribute the concept to the pure telepathy between my girl Gabs & I.




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