The 42km Road: Soweto Marathon x

I recently decided to embark on a (probably painful) journey leading me down a road that spans 42km, filled with running, probable walking and lots of heavy breathing fueled with water and Coke.

The decision came about when I realized that I was by no means ready for a marathon. The mere thought of running more than 21kms instilled the fear of death in me, which it still kind of does. However, instead of rolling my eyes and acknowledging the fact that it would more likely than not be one of the most inconvenient and difficult goals I could ever set for myself, I decided rather to surprise myself with the long-term commitment of doing what I more often than not believe I cannot physically do.

When I was much younger, long before my eyesight became dependent on glasses (those were the good ole days!), I looked at life with no other desire than to live both the length and the breadth of it, not only running towards a finishing line, but also enjoying every uphill and downhill that I was bound to face. I didn’t want to live the same day more than once, and I surely didn’t want to look back on my life as an elderly person, pondering on all of the ‘larger than life’ moments that I longed for but never felt the urge to pursue, blaming it on a lack of time when in reality, all I had was time. Much like any race I have ever run and hope to run in the future, I wanted more than the fastest time to get the same medal as everyone around me (because I’m no gold medalist). What I wanted was to carry memories with every race I ran and to hold them dear to my heart even after the cut-off time came by.

Thus, I found myself committing to running a marathon. Although I felt crazy for making that decision, and I STILL feel a bit crazy for making such a commitment, I’m quite excited to see how and where it all goes. I once read that it is unlikely to train for a marathon and not have it change your life. I look forward to documenting the journey to a long and scenic route that spans 42km in the near future. And if the route isn’t scenic enough, well, I can always force conversation with the other runners between the endless huffs and puffs. (Jokes, I can barely breathe when I run, never mind actually talking)




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