The Birds That Flew By x

Lonely bird, with wings flying far & fast,
Flew right through the clouds that were made of her past,
With nothing but the sounds of whistles through the air,
The clasps of her claws held onto nothing, not even a care.

Beautiful bird, with wings alight & with star-bright gleams,
Looked different to the others, a warm heart none had ever seen
While the flocks flew in straight lines, hers were jagged & their pattern wild,
She had a mind of an adult, and the warming spirit of a young child.

Caged bird, with wings clipped & a song so quiet,
Often looked out through the bars of the cage to the light,
And where the seasons changed & the cage felt the same,
As the sun rose every morning, along with it new hope came.

Lonely, beautiful and caged birds all take their own flight,
And the beauty in the journey is always a breathtaking sight,
Soaring and roaring through the wind with nothing to lose,
It was the sky, not the darkness, that daily they would choose.




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