Guest Blogger: Claudia Oliveira

With Spring having fully sprung (so much so that it feels like Summer), I thought that with the new season came quite a fitting reason to not only feature my first guest blogger, but to also feature a topic that I seldom ever delve into myself: make-up. My dear friend, Claudia Oliveira, whom I believe to be one of the most naturally talented make-up artists on the block, agreed to showcase her work while I fervently clicked away on my camera in pursuit of the perfect angle. Although the end outcome was obviously the ideal image, I found myself most intrigued and inspired by my friend’s passion for her artistry.



The theme for the shoot and make-up styles was, ‘Spring Trends’, of which can be worn and adorned during the day at work, and later on for dinner and drinks, with a few adjustments such as darker eye shadow forming that perfect smokey cat-eye that Claudia mastered.




If ever you need a make-up artist, do contact her on her email address



Thank you to our dear Michaella for being a really cool model!




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