I’m Back! x


Alas, I. Am. Back!

After what feels like many, many months away from my blog, and well into my holiday season (a m e n), I can only say that my unplanned, yet needed break from blogging has come to an end.

Although I’d love to say that my break was taken as a result of time to write and blog being a luxury as a result of exams, my break had a lot to do with my dire need to take a step back and remind myself why I started blogging in the first place.

What initially started off as a hobby escalated to something more, which was the dream at the time. However, any creative can attest to the fact that although being creative is solely for the purpose of being transparent and yourself on a given platform, it too can easily be lost in a whirlwind of different pressures, all dictating how you should sound, write or read to an audience that will appreciate what you have to give. It took a long break to realize that I didn’t actually start the blog with intentions of acquiring an abundance of event invitations, free items or an occasional applause. I started my blog as a way to bring encouragement to any and every girl (or guy) who found themselves stumbling in life, picking themselves up and laughing along the way. It was a platform to be completely candid, silly but also stylish and artistic, which thankfully, I’ve come to re-realise over my time off and appreciate.

So as I start typing out my poetic thoughts, candid confessions, amazing conversations with God and posting images of my favourite outfits, I look forward to being back and displaying The World Behind My Shades.

Love always,



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