& there you are, Lord x

And there you are Lord,
Showing me your love in unconventional ways,
Fervently pushing against my will to protect me from forgetting or ignoring yours,

There you are Lord,
Lowering your voice but heightening your call,
Making sure that where I misread the map of my life, I wouldn’t miss a step again

There you are Lord,
Loving me more than I could ever love myself,
Showing me that where the horizon promises a type of eternity, nothing compares to yours

There you are Lord,
Closing doors and locking them so my feet won’t touch that floor,
Dimming lights on wishful thinking so my thoughts are on you and yours only

There you are Lord,
Loving and calling and singing and holding onto my gaze,
As I once was fixated on the things that weren’t for me, I now fixate my eyes on you.

There you are Lord



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