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I was walking through one of my favourite clothing stores, relishing in the idea of wearing everything I saw, and somewhere between lusting over the newest pairs of jeans and mentally calculating whether my student budget could handle any purchases (the answer is usually: NO), I found myself wishing that Summer was over so I could enjoy Winter’s bliss. This thought was welcomed with glee until I remembered the fact that during every Winter, I yearn for Spring, and when every Summer reaches that unbearable level of hear where sweat becomes a permanent second layer of skin, I begin to yearn (again) for Winter. I realised that without knowing it, all appreciation for the current season was always lost in the lusting and anticipation of the following season. And every season that goes unappreciated and taken for granted is the very season I once yearned for so earnestly. ‘The irony’ I thought. The irony in ignoring and forgetting the very thing we prayed for.

The truth is, seasons come and go, but anyone who hasn’t lost touch with their ability to compare past seasons to current seasons can tell you that every Summer brings a different type of heat and thus a different way to withstand it. And every winter, well every winter brings a different type of blizzard or cold front, and thus, a need to find a different way of enduring it. Every season in our lives, metaphorically speaking, is different and we can often find ourselves missing the very blessing in something we can perceive as being a burden. We can get so caught up in disliking what is currently happening in our lives, or currently not happening, and find ourselves not only wishing our lives away, but living in a future that might not even happen that way.

I also think it’s safe to say that everyone has endured a tough season at one point or another in their life, where it seemed as though the difficulties they were facing would possibly last forever. And it’s just as safe to say that everyone has had an amazing season in their life where every moment might have seemed like that of a movie, where there were blessings on blessings and an equal amount of wishing that it would never end. However sadly, or happily, (depending on where you are at the time), there’s never a guarantee that one season will outlast any other season. I’ve found myself nostalgically looking back at events in my life and struggling to ever believe that anything the future holds is ever going to supersede that which has already passed. The truth is, nostalgia (if not treated with care) will tell you that the best has come and gone, and every other experience to come in the future won’t ever be quite as magical, which can often lead us to yearn so much for the past that we would do almost anything to re-live or re-enact it.

I then realized that maybe seasons are less about the ever changing and unpredictable events, but in the willingness to let go of the definitive moments that we fear might never come again, trusting that the best is yet to come (even after a very long winter). Perhaps seasons are less about the rainy patches and droughts that follow, and more about the extreme faith that we hold onto in extreme situations and changes. Perhaps it’s in learning that we can’t put our trust or security in something as unpredictable as the season or life itself, but in the One who guides us through it. That even if we don’t understand it’s purpose, and struggle to withstand it, we can trust that it will only strengthen us for something to come.

So, as I have watched my life transition from stormy seasons to seasons glistened with sunshine and hope, I’ve learned to stop hiding being the shade when the sun is shining on me, and appreciate the blessings God is giving me, and I’ve also learned to allow the harsh storms water seeds that I have yet to see or even know of. I’ve learnt that fearing an unpredictable and unforeseen seasonal change won’t prevent it from happening, but it might prevent me from appreciating whatever good lesson or good blessing it might give. I’ve learnt that comparing my current season to that which another person is going through is one of the worst things that I could ever do, because no blessing will ever look the same as another, and no tough experience will ever teach us the exact same lesson. And I’ve also learnt that whatever the weather, whatever the season, there is always something to be grateful for, thunder-showers and all, sunburn and all, perfect weather and all.




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