The Perfect Picture x


Photo Credits go to my uber cool friend Ayomide Onasanya A few months ago, I decided to make a rather abrupt and somewhat unusual investment, purchasing a second hand camera with no particular purpose in sight. Feeling creatively stifled and compelled to do something somewhat irrational to rectify the creative obscurity in my life, I decided to abandon all logic…

Guest Blogger: Claudia Oliveira


With Spring having fully sprung (so much so that it feels like Summer), I thought that with the new season came quite a fitting reason to not only feature my first guest blogger, but to also feature a topic that I seldom ever delve into myself: make-up. My dear friend, Claudia Oliveira, whom I believe to be one of the…

Bit-Bear SA x


Every so often, something brand new and innovative in the fashion market silently comes in and promises to change the game a bit, taking away the element of predictability that tends to come with the industry at times, and replacing that predictability with something worth shooting and making a post about. That deserving brand is the new bow tie brand…

Pretty Pastels & Industrial Illusions x


Every so often, an unplanned photo-taking adventure renders to be one that reminds you how much you actually love being behind the camera. Being a blogger, I enjoy every aspect of my personally styled shoots (except for getting changed and unchanged in my car – confession). However, I also love the idea of only bearing the pressure of getting the…

Street Style On Rooftops x


A special shout out to my three lovely friends Asbo, Ayo and Denga, whom allowed me take pictures of them on this amazing rooftop without them knowing that I would later post them online, love always! x Thulz