Chrome Diaries: Yellow x


All photo credits go to one of my favourite photographers, Dudu, whom you can follow on Instagram at: dayphotolife, and creative direction from my homegirl Asbo, whom you can also follow on Instagram at: az.ofori x

Bit-Bear SA x


Every so often, something brand new and innovative in the fashion market silently comes in and promises to change the game a bit, taking away the element of predictability that tends to come with the industry at times, and replacing that predictability with something worth shooting and making a post about. That deserving brand is the new bow tie brand…

#StyleDiary: Be The Revolt x

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 11.59.02 AMScreen Shot 2015-08-02 at 11.59.02 AM

When one thinks of the word, ‘Revolt’, the next series of thoughts are likely to be infiltrated with those of historic events that were infused with a dire need of change. With e-commerce being the forefront of fashion in the 21st century, no other historic influence describes this brand that is launching in South Africa on this very day. With…

#StyleDiary: Monday Blues & Winter Hues x


Monday’s are for wearing the most amazing pair of jeans that have the texture of smooth butter, sky high heels that make you feel like you’re levitating and a crispy shirt for androgynous-fashion’s sake.  This outfit is probably one of my favourite, and although I wouldn’t get away with wearing it at varsity for the mere fact that the uneven…

#StyleDiary: Monochrome Dreamin’ in Forever New x


I love a good pair of well-fitted pants, especially if they have a pattern as bold as this one. I’ve come to realize that in a world where women might find that their outfit options are purely dictated by the sentiments of a man, we tend to fear bold outfits, or even androgynous outfits. I love the fact that we…

#StyleDiary: Forever New Chunky Knit x


When it comes to Winter, fewer things during the season excite me more than the idea of chunky knits in the season. With the season swiftly coming to an end, and we enter that awkward seasonal change where it’s too hot to wear layers upon layers, yet too cold to fully unpack the Summer wardrobe, jerseys like this one are…